Surgical Therapy of Endometriosis

  • M. Sillem
  • C. C. CoddingtonIII
  • T. Rabe
  • B. Runnebaum
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While laparoscopy and/or biopsy must be regarded at present as the gold standard in diagnosing endometriosis, discussing the role of operative interventions in the therapy of this disease entails reporting on a broad range of approaches and opinions. The heterogeneity of patient populations as well as observation and evaluation methods makes comparisons between and general conclusions from published studies extremely difficult. Different staging systems in endometriosis, each of which has its inherent problems, lead to different success rates, even when the same group of patients is evaluated (Rock et al. 1981). The monthly fecundity rate, i.e., number of conceptions divided by the total of person-cycles of exposure, which allows comparison of treatments independent of the lenght of follow-up (Cramer et al. 1979), is calculated only in a minority of publications.


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