Nichtinvasive intermittierende Beatmung (NIPPV) als Brücke zur Lungentransplantation (retrospektive Analyse von 20 Patienten mit chronischen Lungenerkrankungen aus 5 deutschen Zentren)

  • M. Wiebel
  • G. Laier-Groeneveld
  • B. Schönhofer
  • M. Orth
  • O. Karg
Conference paper


Background: Noninvasive mechanical ventilation (NIPPV) has been used successfully for ventilator failure due to derangements of the respiratory pump. Its efficacy in pulmonary diseases is still a matter of contoversy: however, NIPPV is reported as being a means of bridging the period until lung transplantation (LTx) can be performed.

Patients and Methods: We report on 20 patients from five centers who were treated with NIPPV while awaiting LTx.

Results: NIPPV was seen as having been successful in 14 patients. Of these five have ben transplanted after up to 2 years, four are still waiting , two have not yet entered the LT program, one is still on NIPPV after refusing to be listed, and three have died in the meantime. In the group of nonsuccessful NIPPV two ere transplanted after a short waiting period. All the remaining four patients died. The course of three patients with cystic fibrosis is documented.

Conclusions: It seems that NIPPV may be prolonging the period of survival while waiting for LTx.


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  • M. Wiebel
  • G. Laier-Groeneveld
  • B. Schönhofer
  • M. Orth
  • O. Karg

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