The Constitutive Activation of MET, RON and SEA Genes Induces Different Biological Responses

  • Massimo Mattia Santoro
  • Giovanni Gaudino
Conference paper
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The MET proto-oncogene, encoding the Hepatocyte Growth Factor receptor, is the prototype of a gene family encoding structurally homologous heterodimeric tyrosine kinase receptors, including human RON (19) and avian SEA (8). It can be converted into an oncogene by rearrangement of the kinase domain with a N-terminal unrelated sequence designated TPR (3). The kinase activity of the encoded hybrid protein (Tpr-Met) is deregulated, since two leucine-zipper motifs present in the Tpr moiety promote its constitutive dimerization (18). This conformation mimics receptor activation following ligand binding.


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  • Massimo Mattia Santoro
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  • Giovanni Gaudino
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  1. 1.Department of Science & Advanced TechnologiesUniversity of TorinoAlessandriaItaly

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