Supporting Planning and Operation Time Control in Transportation Systems

  • Leena Suhl
  • Taïeb Mellouli
Conference paper
Part of the Operations Research Proceedings book series (ORP, volume 1996)


Providers of public transportation systems, like airlines and railway companies, are usually faced with a complex planning and control process consisting of several phases, like demand estimation, timetable construction, resource allocation, e.g., for vehicles and crews, and operation time control. The control phase includes rescheduling of connections according to corporate rules and resource reallocation. We discuss computer-based decision support systems capable of supporting such processes. Especially, the case of integrated planning and control phases for railway passenger traffic will be presented: The integrated system being developed involves techniques, like optimisation, simulation, and knowledge-based components as well as common user interface and object-oriented architecture. Results of the planning phase are forwarded to operation time control. Components developed to support the control phase can be used to improve planning quality by what-if analyses.


Column Generation Vehicle Route Vehicle Schedule Improve Planning Quality Vehicle Schedule Problem 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Leena Suhl
    • 1
  • Taïeb Mellouli
    • 1
  1. 1.Dept. of Business Computing Decision Support & OR LaboratoryUniversity of PaderbornGermany

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