Interband Optical Transitions

  • Eougenious L. Ivchenko
  • Grigory E. Pikus
Part of the Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences book series (SSSOL, volume 110)


The property of translation invariance of a periodic medium provides a basis for searching for normal light waves propagating in such a medium in the form of Bloch solutions. We discriminate between optical superlattices and short-period regular heterostructures. In an optical superlattice, adjacent layers have different dielectrical constants. Apart from this, the layers are assumed to be thick enough to be able to neglect electron and hole quantum-confinement effects. Under these conditions the quantum confinement of the exciton as a whole within one layer may be taken into account in terms of the macroscopic theory of additional light waves, in which Maxwell's boundary conditions are complemented by the boundary conditions for an excitonic contribution to the dielectric polarization of the medium (the so-called additional boundary conditions).


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  • Grigory E. Pikus
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