Direct Pancreatic Function Tests in the Diagnosis and Staging of Chronic Pancreatitis

  • L. Gullo
Conference paper


Ten years ago at the Symposium on Diagnostic Procedures in Pancreatic Diseases [1], I spoke in detail about direct pancreatic function tests and illustrated their diagnostic superiority over other methods. I then concluded by expressing the hope that a simple, noninvasive, and highly sensitive pancreatic function test would be developed in the near future, so that we could abandon duodenal intubation. Unfortunately, this has not occurred, and the direct tests are still the best means of evaluating pancreatic function. Because they are invasive and time-consuming, but also because several sophisticated imaging techniques have become available, they are performed infrequently. Nonetheless, these tests remain, without a doubt, the best means of defining the diagnosis and stage of chronic pancreatitis.


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