Regulation and Tariff Policies in the Energy and Telecommunications Sectors in the Transition Countries: The Case of the Czech Republic

  • Zdenêk Hrubý


The transition in the Czech Republic is characterised by wide-spread liberalisation and privatisation. These processes bring a necessity for new regulation structures. This paper describes briefly the situation in the energy and telecommunications sectors, and the state of regulation with a emphasis on tariffs. Each sector has its own particular problems and requires careful regulatory reforms. The paper explores these problems and comments on recent regulatory changes. The paper commences with section 2 describing the features of the energy sector. Section 3 concentrates on price regulation and the design of tariffs in the energy sector. Section 4 analyses the characteristics of the telecommunications sector. Section 5 describes theregulatory environment and the development of tariffs in telecommunications. Section 6 provides a brief comparison of the regulatory positions in the selected CEC and EU countries. Section 7 presents conclusions.


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