Metallic Stents in Malignant Biliary Obstruction: Autopsy Findings on Causes of Obstruction

  • C. L. Zollikofer
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Endoscopic and/or transhepatic insertion of expandable metal endoprostheses is increasingly becoming the preferred method of palliative treatment for malignant biliary obstruction. Several stent designs are currently available for treatment of malignant jaundice. The most commonly used for transhepatic placement are the Wallstent (Schneider Europe AG, Bülach, Switzerland), the modified Gianturco-Rosch stent (Cook Inc., Bloomington, Indiana, USA) and the Strecker balloon-expandable tantalum or self- expanding nitinol stent (Meditec, Boston Scientific, Watertown, Massachusetts, USA) (LAMMER et al. 1990,1991; IRVING et al. 1989; YOSHIOKA et al. 1990; GILLAMS et al. 1990; ADAM et al. 1991; LAMERIS et al. 1991; MARTIN et al. 1990; BEZZI et al. 1994; Rossi et al. 1994; JASCHKE et al. 1992). The Wallstent may also be implanted via the retrograde endoscopic approach (BOGUTH et al. 1994).


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