Stimulation of Growth and Proliferation of Human Cultured Keratinocytes by KGF-transfected Cells in vitro

  • J. Kopp
  • F. P. Dai
  • P. Kulmburg
  • E. Tanczos
  • C. Andree
  • X. Y. Jiao
  • Y. Chen
  • R. Horch
  • G. B. Stark
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Keratinocyte Growth Factor (KGF), a 28 kD polypeptide induces mitosis, proliferation and migration of keratinocytes. The objective of this study was the establishment of two stably KGF-transfected, immortalized cell lines, Ha-CaT-keratinocytes and KMST-6-fibroblasts, by liposome mediated gene transfer. Transfection effectivity, gene integration and configuration of the transgenic protein was investigated by ELISA, DANN-PCR and ß-Gal-staining. Most effective KGF producing clones were tested by a colorimetrie XTT-test, demonstrating a significant acceleration of cell proliferation and mitosis of human keratinocytes in a Air Liquid Interface (ALI) test system.


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  • J. Kopp
  • F. P. Dai
  • P. Kulmburg
  • E. Tanczos
  • C. Andree
  • X. Y. Jiao
  • Y. Chen
  • R. Horch
  • G. B. Stark

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