Transplantation of Autologous Cultured Urothelium Cells onto a Prefabricated Capsule in Rats

  • G. Wechselberger
  • T. Schoeller
  • A. C. Roth
  • S. Lille
  • R. C. Rusell
Conference paper


Due to the limited supply of natural urothelium, urinary tract reconstruction using bowel or other biological or synthetic materials are often employed. These materials, however, frequently cause complications, including metabolic abnormalities, infection, perforation, stone formation, and increased mucus production. In addition, an increased rate of diverticular formation and malignancy have been associated with intestinal donor sites. An ideal solution would be to transplant autologously cultured urothelium.


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  • G. Wechselberger
  • T. Schoeller
  • A. C. Roth
  • S. Lille
  • R. C. Rusell

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