MR-Guided Laser Therapy

  • P. Steiner
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Laser-induced thermotherapy (LITT), which was first described by Bown in 1983, destroys tissues with near-infrared, continuous-wave laser energy which is directed into a tissue volume through one or more interstitially implanted optical fibres. So far, LITT has been used to treat unresectable, localised human tumours in the brain (Jolesz 1995), head and neck (Ohyama et al. 1988), liver and breast (Amin et al. 1993; Harries et al. 1994). The central problem of interstitial laser treatments is the inability to predict size and geometry of the thermal lesions due to inherent tissue heterogeneities enhanced by the variability of blood flow and tissue perfusion. Effective and reliable LITT does, however, mandate a means to assure laser coverage of the entire lesion without damage to healthy surrounding tissues. This requires on-line monitoring of laser-induced energy distribution during application. Ultrasound has shown some promise in this regard.


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