Nanjing City and Greater Nanjing



The city of Nanjing (the old capital of six dynasties of ancient southern China) is located about 300 km to the north-west of Shanghai at the Yangtse-River (31° north latitude, 118° east meridian). Nanjing City is an important traffic node, as it has the biggest river port in China that links Nanjing with the sea. Furthermore, in Nanjing there is located one of the few bridges that crosses the Yangtse River. Hence, it connects Xuzhou (and farther away Beijing) in the north and Zhengzhou in the north-west, Hefei (the capital of Anhui Province) in the west, and Wuxi, Suzhou and Shanghai in the east. Nanjing City is the capital of Jiangsu Province. It has about 2.61 million inhabitants and is therefore one of the biggest cities in China.


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