CP Violations in K and B Systems

  • C. Jarlskog
Conference paper


Since the last EPS and Rochester Conferences on particle physics no new experimental results have been presented in the field of CP violation. This field is very much in a state of data taking, data analysis and preparing for future experiments. My talks will, therefore, be rather general. I will discuss the following items:
  • Historical remarks

  • The quark mixing matrix

  • The Parameter 1

  • “Forked tracks of a very striking character”

  • The decay \({K^ + } \to {\pi ^ + }\nu \bar \nu\) and other rare decays of kaons

  • T reversal

  • Beauty

  • What about the future?


Parity Violation Baryon Asymmetry Rare Decay Unitarity Triangle Neutral Kaon 
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  • C. Jarlskog
    • 1
  1. 1.Division of Mathematical PhysicsLHT, Lund UniversityUSA

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