In Situ Settling Velocities and Concentrations of Suspended Sediment in Spill Plumes, Øresund, Denmark

  • Karen Edelvang
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The fixed link between Denmark and Sweden, the Øresund Link, consists of a combination of a double-track railroad and a four-lane highway. Starting on the Danish side, the link begins with a tunnel section, then crosses an artificial island and ends with a high bridge crossing the Sound to Sweden (The Feedback Monitoring Programme for the Fixed Link Across Øresund 1997). The link facilitates road and sea traffic between the two countries, thereby promoting the social and economic growth of the Øresund region. Strict environmental considerations accompany the construction of the Øresund complex. In no manner whatsoever are the construction activities allowed to influence and thereby modify the natural physical, chemical and biological environment of the adjacent Baltic Sea. During the building phase, only short-term environmental damage is allowed, provided it is restricted to areas close to the construction sites.


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