Endoscopic Surgery in Paediatric Oncology

  • H. A. Steinbrecher
  • A. S. Najmaldin


There is now abundant literature describing the application of minimal invasive surgery MIS in adults with malignancy (Gouma et al. 1996; Cuschieri 1995; Dalgic et al. 1994) or suspected malignancy (Chu et al. 1994; Vander Velpen et al. 1994). Both thoracoscopic and laparoscopic techniques have been developed in adults for diagnosis (Cuschieri 1994; Kern et al. 1993), tumour staging (Fiocco and Krasna 1992; Anderson et al. 1996) and treatment (Bourtin et al. 1993). Increasing numbers of intestinal resections (Cuschieri et al. 1992; Cohen and Wekner 1993), operations for pancreatic carcinoma (Cuschieri 1994), radical nephrectomies (McDougall et al. 1996; Ono et al. 1997), adrenalectomies (Elashry et al. 1997; Takeda et al. 1997) and pelvic lymphadenectomies (Parra et al. 1992) are being performed in the adult oncological patient. However, the role of endoscopic surgery in oncology in particular that of organ resection has remained highly controversial. There are fears of inadequate access for complete resection (Guillou et al. 1993), the possibility of malignant seeding (Pezet et al. 1992; Leather et al. 1994) and concerns regarding the histological integrity of specimens taken for examination (Lobe et al. 1994).


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