Synthetic Holography

  • Thomas Strothotte


Holography is a method for three-dimensional imaging of objects. It was first presented by Dennis Gabor [Gab48] in 1948 and has expanded into various fields since then. In holographic interferometry, arbitrarily shaped diffusely scattering objects are examined. A description of this process can be found in Lauterborn, Kurz, and Wiesenfeldt [LKW95] and Eichler and Ackermann [EA93]. The same object can be compared with itself at a later time, allowing for the analysis of stress or deformations. Other applications of holography are in the design of diffractive optical elements, as described by Aagedal et al. [ABST94] or holographic storages [EA93].


Argon Huygens 


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