An initial investigation of Optical CT and MR scanning of gel dosimeters

  • Mark Oldham
  • Jeffrey H. Siewerdsen
  • David A. Jaffray
Conference paper


Radiation sensitive gels, including BANG and Fricke-gels, are at the forefront of research into improved dosimetry techniques. Despite being the only dosimeter that offers true 3D information about the dose-distribution, radiation sensitive gels have to-date made little impact in most clinics. This is due to the fact that the field is still new and rapidly developing, but also due to the high cost and high noise characteristics of the standard way of reading these gels — MR scanning. To circumvent these difficulties several groups are looking at an alternative low-cost approach to reading the gels, using laser based optical-CT scanning [1–4].


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  • Mark Oldham
    • 1
  • Jeffrey H. Siewerdsen
    • 1
  • David A. Jaffray
    • 1
  1. 1.Radiation OncologyWilliam Beaumont HospitalRoyal OakUSA

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