General Aspects of the Diagnosis of Inflammatory Diseases of the Orbit

  • Renate Unsöld
  • Gabriele Greeven


Some disease entities involving the orbit can be diagnosed quite safely on the basis of the clinical findings, for instance typical Graves’ disease (Case 1). Frequently, however, anatomical and clinical variations disguise typical features (Cases 28, 30, 31, 33, 34). On the other hand, it is remarkable how often almost identical clinical aspects may be seen in disease entities of entirely different etiology. Impressive examples illustrating this phenomenon include subperiosteal abscesses, malignant tumors, and nonspecific inflammatory processes, which require completely different therapeutic measures (Cases 3–26). In addition there is a surprising diversity of clinical aspects of one and the same disorder, for instance in Graves’ disease (Cases 27–34).


Adenoma Meningioma Neuroblastoma Rhinitis Osteomyelitis 


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