A History of Software Inspections

  • Michael Fagan


Inspections are now 30 years old and they continue to improve software quality and maintainability reduce time to delivery and lower development costs!

The concept of finding defects as early as possible in the software development process to save time, effort, and money seems intuitive in 2001. Many companies employ variations of the software inspections that I created as part of their development process in order to do just that. However, even 30 years after its creation, it is often not well understood and more often, poorly executed — yielding results that are positive, but well below their potential.

This paper will explore the history and creation of the software inspection process by Michael Fagan. Some readers will find a great deal of similarity between the development environment that led to the creation of this process and the one in which they are currently involved. The process itself has proven to be as effective and necessary today as when it was first created.


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