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Manipulating Expressions

  • Christopher Creutzig
  • Walter Oevel


When evaluating objects, MuPAD automatically performs a variety of simplifications. For example, arithmetic operations between integers are executed or exp(ln(x)) is simplified to x. Other simplifications such as sin(x)2 + cos(x)2 = 1, ln(exp(x)) = x, (x2 - 1)/(x - 1) = x + 1, or \(\sqrt {{x^2}} = x\)= x do not happen automatically. The reason is for one that many of these rules are not universally valid: for example, \(\sqrt {{x^2}} = x\)= x is wrong for x = -2. Other simplifications such as sin(x)2+cos(x)2= 1 are valid universally, but there would be a significant loss of efficiency if MuPAD would always scan expressions for the occurrence of sin and cos terms.


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