Semiconductor Clusters

  • Satoru Sugano
  • Hiroyasu Koizumi
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 20)


Semiconductor clusters are the microclusters whose constituent atoms are those of semiconductor crystals such as C, Si, Ge, etc. This does not necessarily mean that semiconductor clusters are semiconducting. It is well known that the picture of covalent bonding is applicable to semiconductor crystals, where valence electrons are localized around the constituent atoms forming directional bonds. Then, it is interesting to ask the question, what kind of picture is applicable to understand the chemical bonding of semiconductor clusters. Is the picture entirely different from that for metal clusters where valence electrons are delocalized, making an individual motion? Atomic and electronic structures of newly discovered cage-type and tubetype carbon clusters are also discussed. Finally, results of the recent nonempirical calculations for large silicon clusters are briefly described.


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  • Hiroyasu Koizumi
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