Results of the European Auto-Oil Programme: Effects of Future European Exhaust Emissions from Road Transport on the Air Quality of European Cities

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The world-wide population is constantly on the increase, this rate of increase being accompanied by the fear that energy requirements and emission levels will also rise. In western industrial nations, the increase in the observed levels of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen and particulates has abated; emission levels are on the decrease. As a result, the European Automobile Oil programme has, for the very first time, taken the step of orientating its latest emission standards not to the best technology currently available, but to the air quality levels deemed necessary. The European Commission mandate is based on Article 4 of the 94/12/EC European Union guideline, in which it is stated that a policy concerning exhaust emissions from road transport is to be developed by the year 2000, and should be clearly orientated toward those requirements identified as being necessary for improving air quality and for reaching corresponding emission reduction level targets, taking cost-effectiveness into account, as well as considering the division into technical and non-technical measures.


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