From the Publisher to the Wholesalers Determination of the Number of Copies and Their Distribution among the Wholesalers

  • Roland Dillmann


I report about a project in press distribution. Its target is to develop a tool which automatically proposes how many copies should be printed and how they should be distributed among the 91 wholesalers. The publisher intends to use the same tool for all his different journals. In a first introductory chapter some important specialities of the commerce with press products are described. The second chapter offers a detailed description of the problem. In a third chapter the underlying model is presented. The fourth chapter deals with the mathematical methods. In the fifth chapter some results are presented. The paper ends with a short conclusion. The main technique to validate the model and to recommend the use of the model in practice is ex - post - simulation of the forecasting procedure over a long period using only data available at the time forecasts in practice had to be done.


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