Application of ISO 3951 Acceptance Sampling Plans to the Inspection by Variables in Statistical Process Control (SPC)

  • Olgierd Hryniewicz
Part of the Frontiers in Statistical Quality Control book series (FSQC, volume 6)


A new approach to SPC which utilises acceptance sampling plans for inspection by variables from the International Standard ISO 3951 is proposed. It may be used as an alternative to Shewhart control charts or to Freund’s acceptance control charts. The proposed new SPC procedure enables the process fraction nonconforming to be kept under control when the process standard deviation is unknown. A simple method for a cost-optimal design of this procedure is also proposed. It allows an appropriate sampling plan and an approximately optimal sampling interval to be found.


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  • Olgierd Hryniewicz
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  1. 1.Systems Research InstituteWarsawPoland

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