The Benefits of Creating an Integrated EU Market for Investment Funds

  • Friedrich Heinemann
Part of the ZEW Economic Studies book series (ZEW, volume 19)


The European investment fund industry is looking back at a period of high growth. Assets of European UCITS1 almost tripled from 1.21 trillion Euros by end 1995 to 3.56 trillion by end 2000. In the same period the ratio of European investment funds (UCITS and other types) assets relative to GDP has grown from 23% to 52%. On a per capita basis this represents an increase from 4,000 Euro in 1995 to 11,600 Euro in 2000. 2 Even in the depressive phase at the stock exchanges in the first half of 2001 the industry proved its robustness — and could still realise a moderate positive growth rate of 2% in terms of UCITS’ net assets (FEFSI, 2001b).


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