Micro-endoscopic Surgery of Benign Sino-nasal Tumors

  • Aldo Cassol Stamm
  • Cleonice Hirata Watashi
  • Paulo Fernando Malheiros
  • Lee Alan Harker
  • Shirley Shizue Nagata Pignatari


Sino-nasal tumors represent a large collection of diverse lesions. Histopathologically, they are divided into tumors and pseudotumors. Although there is no one predominant type, approximately half of the neoplasms are malignant, and one fourth originate from osseous structures [35]. According to Willis [68], the tumors are classified depending on their histogenesis and origin; they are classified as epithelial, mesenchymal or neural (Table 41.1). The distribution of our cases can be seen in Table 41.2.


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  • Cleonice Hirata Watashi
  • Paulo Fernando Malheiros
  • Lee Alan Harker
  • Shirley Shizue Nagata Pignatari

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