Vascular Pathology of the Spleen

  • C. C. Hoeffel
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This chapter refers to lesions involving the splenic vessels and to the consequent splenic parenchymal pathology of such lesions. Splenic vessels include the splenic vein and the splenic artery. The splenic vein is a thin-walled vein coursing in a groove along the upper dorsal surface of the pancreas and is formed by the union of four or five branches leaving the splenic hilum. Occasionally, a vein from the upper pole of the spleen joins the splenic vein more proximally (the superior polar vein). Proximally, the splenic vein receives the short gastric veins and the gastroepiploic vein from the stomach. It receives multiple pancreatic branches and the inferior me- senteric vein as it passes posterior to the tail and body of the pancreas. The splenic vein then unites with the superior mesenteric vein to form the portal vein behind the neck of the pancreas. The splenic vessels pass towards the spleen in the phrenicosplenic and lienorenal ligaments. The splenic artery arises from the coeliac trunk and enters the spleen as four or five branches at the hilum between the gastric and renal impressions.


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