Port-Site Recurrences in Laparoscopic Surgery

  • Ph. Wittich
  • H. J. Bonjer


Tumor growths at port-sites after laparoscopic surgery for abdominal cancer have caused major concern among doctors and patients in the early 1990S (Wexner and Cohen 1995). Laparoscopic surgery was considered less traumatic for the patient but appeared deceiving in malignancies in some patients. Many surgeons have abandoned the laparoscopic approach in patients with malignant tumors for fear of port-site recurrences. A wide variety of experimental studies have been instigated to unravel the pathogenesis of port-site recurrences in laparoscopic surgery. Are we facing a novel problem caused by a surgical technique that had been accepted to be superior to conventional open surgery too readily? Browsing through ancient medical literature revealed some interesting communications. In 1903, von Mikulicz published an article entitled “Small contributions to the surgery of the intestinal tract”. The Mikulicz procedure involved exteriorization of a colonic cancer through a small incision to allow extracorporeal resection.


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