Arteriovenous Malformations

  • Eberhard Zeitler
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Since the report published by Klippel and Trenaunay (1900) on a syndrome named naevus variqueux ostéo-hypertrophique, which can clearly be described as a combination of local gigantism, nevus flammeus, and varices, but without arte-riovenous (av)-shunting blood volume, and the publications by Weber (1907, 1918) on a special syndrome presenting a combination of local gigantism and av-shunt, many discussions regarding the definition and classification of congenital vascular malformations can be found in the literature (Flynn and Mulder 1959; Malan and Puglionisi 1964; Vollmar 1974; Belov et al. 1989, among others). Vollmar (1974) put together some published classifications (Malan 1974; Schobinger 1977; Flynn and Mulder 1959), site by site, and clearly demonstrated that it is most important in the interests of patients to distinguish between congenital vascular malformations with and without av-shunts, single direct shunts, and multiple shunts with several feedinging arteries (Fig. 16.1).


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