• Jean Salençon


The thermoelastic behaviour of materials is revealed by everyday experience in the form of linear or bulk expansions and contractions under the effect of temperature changes, applications of the elastic properties of metals and even polymers to the production of springs, pins, clips and the like. From a phenomenological point of view, thermoelasticity is thereby linked to a notion of reversibility. The material responds to mechanical or thermal excitation in an instantaneous manner and, when the excitation is removed, returns to its initial state without showing any memory of the recent changes.

Key Words

Constitutive law Principle of local action Internal energy Energy equation Entropy Free energy Dissipation Clausius-Duhem inequality Thermodynamic potential Internal constraints Material symmetries Isotropy Linearisation Lamé constants Shear modulus Young modulus Poisson ratio Natural initial state Prestressed initial state 


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