Virtual Cystoscopy

  • T. R. Fleiter
  • E. M. Merkle
  • C. Wisianowsky
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Two out of three malignancies of the urinary tract are located in the bladder, and carcinoma of the urinary bladder makes up nearly 7% of all malignant tumors in men and about 4% in women. It is estimated that, in the United States, about 14,600 women and 38,300 men developed a malignant process involving the bladder in 1996 and that about 3900 women and 7800 men would die as a result of their malignancies (Parker et al. 1996). The incidence of all malignancies of the bladder is still increasing (Lamm et al. 1996). Most of the tumors (80–90%) are macroscopically papillary and only 10–20% are solid. Multifocal development of tumors has been seen in more than 25% of cases. The overwhelming majority (>90%) of the tumors are urothelial carcinomas. As cystoscopy still plays the key role in the diagnosis of malignancies of the urinary bladder, virtual endoscopy or cystoscopy could be the less invasive alternative in the diagnostic workup.


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  • E. M. Merkle
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  • C. Wisianowsky
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