Virtual Endoscopy of the Colon

  • P. Rogalla
  • N. Meiri
  • C. I. Bartram
Part of the Medical Radiology book series (MEDRAD)


Colorectal cancer represents the third most frequently diagnosed cancer world-wide, and the second most diagnosed cancer in industrialised Western countries (Eddy 1990; Landis et al. 1998; SILVERBERG et al. 1990). For the United States, it is estimated that 129,000 new cases were diagnosed in 1999 (Cancer Facts and Figures 1999); however, when malignant polyps are considered, the true yearly incidence of colorectal cancer probably approaches 160,000 (Landis et al. 1998). Enormous geographical differences exist among countries, in certain instances, with respect to the incidence of colorectal cancer. For example, it is higher in Scotland than in England, and the incidence in both northern Italy and the northern United States is higher than in the southern areas of these countries (Devesa and Chow 1993). With regard to the difference between the two sexes in the occurrence of colorectal cancer, there has been little apparent change in the past 70 years: reports exist from 1922 revealing a predominance in men in a ratio of 6:5 (Schmieden and Scheele 1922), with rectal carcinoma occurring twice as often in men as in women.


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