Stochastic DAEs in Transient Noise Simulation

  • Renate Winkler
Part of the Mathematics in Industry book series (MATHINDUSTRY, volume 4)


In this paper we describe how stochastic differential-algebraic equations (SDAEs) arise as a mathematical model for network equations that are influenced by additional sources of Gaussian white noise. We give the necessary analytical theory for the existence and uniqueness of strong solutions, provided that the systems have noise-free constraints and are uniformly of DAE-index 1. We express these conditions in terms of the network-topology for reasons of use within a circuit simulator. In the second part we analyze discretization methods. Due to the differential-algebraic structure, implicit methods will be necessary. By the examples of the drift-implicit Euler and Milstein schemes we show how drift-implicit schemes for SDEs can be adapted to become directly applicable to stochastic DAEs and prove that the convergence properties of these methods known for SDEs are preserved. For illustration we apply the drift-implicit Euler scheme to an oscillator circuit.


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  • Renate Winkler
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  1. 1.Institut für MathematikHumboldt-Universität BerlinGermany

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