Atmospheric Neutrinos, WIMPs and Monopoles: Physics with the AMANDA Neutrino Telescope

  • W. Rhode


AMANDA is a neutrino telescope located at the geographica! South Pole. It is constructed of 677 optical modules dorninantly located between 1500 m and 2000 m deep in the antarctic ice sheet at 19 strings. This contribution summarizes the Status of the experiment and physical results with emphasis to atmospheric neutrinos, WIMPs and magnetic monopoles obtained by the analysis of data taken 1997 with 302 optical modules on the first 10 strings of AMANDA-B. The analysis of the atmospheric neutrinos detected, shows that the measured flux is well understood. The agreement of the detected flux in angular dependence, spatial distribution and light deposition is used to set limits on the flux from point sources and on the isotropic flux. Also limits on the WIMP annihilation rate and on the monopole flux are given.


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