Tunneling Spectroscopy of Conventional and Unconventional Superconductors

  • J. Zasadzinski


Tunneling spectroscopy of conventional superconductors [1] such as Pb [2] leads to a complete description of the superconducting state. From the tunneling conductance \(\frac{{dI}}{{dV}}\) vs. V (appropriately normalized), one can obtain the quasiparticle density of states, N(E). This gives an implicit measure of the complex, superconducting gap parameter, Δ(E). Using Migdal-Eliashberg theory [3] the gap parameter can be “inverted” by the iterative McMillan- Rowell procedure (MR) [2] to obtain the microscopic interactions responsible for superconductivity, namely, the electron-phonon spectral function, α2 F(ω), and the renormalized coulomb pseudopotential, μ*. These quantities can then be used to determine the transition temperature, T c, as well as the electron mass enhancement, 1+λ, which enters normal state thermodynamic properties such as the specific heat [4]. In some cases the α2 F(ω), obtained from tunneling has been used to provide a very good fit of the temperature dependent electrical resistivity far above T c [5]. The fact that both superconducting and normal state quantities can be determined demonstrates both the accuracy of strong-coupling superconductivity theory and the power of the tunneling method. The various manifestations of the electron-phonon interaction can be found in the review articles of Carbotte [3] and Allen [4].


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