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Thoughts and Recollections of a Remarkable Man

  • Dimitrios A. Papaconstantopoulos


While I had occasionally met Walter Kohn over the years at APS and other meetings, it was in 1997, at a meeting on electron correlations in Crete, that I became aware of some sides of Walter other than those associated with his scientific accomplishments. At the meeting, I walked with him on the beach and had lunch and dinner a few times. We talked about many things other than physics, and I enjoyed the fact that he was very interested in Greece, obviously a favorite topic of mine. What impressed me about Walter was his interest in everything and everyone around him, as well as a complete absence of the ego one often encounters in famous scientists. He was comfortable in every situation except, amusingly, when everyone was throwing and breaking plates during a traditional Greek dance. I couldn’t get him to toss even one plate.


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