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The foundations of NGN

  • Daniel Hardy
  • Guy Malléus
  • Jean-Noël Méreur


The last part of this book is devoted to the future of telecommunications networks, often referred to under the acronym, NGN, for Next (or New) Generation Networks. The aim here is not to describe the networks of the coming decades in detail, but rather to identify their most likely directions of evolution in the light of the telecommunications context of 2001.

This chapter deals first of all with the reasons for the profound changes in the networks, already under way in the majority of domains — transport, access and control. It then emphasizes the need for the various actors to create and keep up-to-date their own references for making technical decisions on the basis of which they can define appropriate targets and development strategies in a constantly changing sector. A number of hypotheses about services and traffic for the next decade will then be defined, and this set of hypotheses will provide today’s basic orientations that will characterize the networks of tomorrow.


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  • Guy Malléus
  • Jean-Noël Méreur

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