Physics of Ferroic and Multiferroic Domain Walls

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Ferroic materials are defined by having an order parameter that can be oriented in more than one direction. Within a ferroic material, then, there can be regions (domains) with different orientation of the order parameter: magnetic domains in ferromagnets, polar domains in ferroelectrics, twins in ferroelastics. Domain walls, or domain boundaries, are the separations between adjacent domains. In the last few years, domain walls have moved from being regarded as an inevitable by-product of the domains, to regions of interest in their own right, with unique electronic properties that may be used as the active ingredient in new electronic device paradigms, in what has been called “domain wall nanoelectronics”. The present book chapter outlines the basic physics of domain walls from their thickness and internal structure to their properties and dynamics. We will draw the connection between the fundamental properties and their experimental observation. The last section will discuss current unresolved challenges in this exciting and emerging field.


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