Architecture of Selected APS

  • Baptiste Lebreton
  • Herbert Meyr
  • Heidrun Rosič
  • Christian Seipl
  • Ulrich Wetterauer
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This chapter will introduce the APS used in the case studies from AspenTech, JDA, OM Partners, Oracle and SAP: aspenONE, JDA Manufacturing Planning Suite, OM Plus, Value Chain Planning and SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO). As these tools regularly consist of a multitude of software modules and special add-ons, only a brief survey without claiming completeness can be given. Furthermore, different lines of business can use different modules of an APS. It is also possible to use an APS only partially, e.g. without modules for scheduling or only using modules for demand planning and demand fulfillment. For each individual case the composition of modules has to be evaluated and selected (see Chap.  16).


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