A Study of String Matching System Based on Database Set Operation

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In recent years, people can easily get various data and information through Internet. People can copy the entire downloaded data, digitized information into own paper work, and form some plagiarism problems. Previous studies use of statistics, vectors matrices to compare string among documents. When someone change the location of words, and add some superfluous words or sentences between strings, it will be greatly reduced the accurate rate of matching system; Moreover, it may cause students keep plagiarism if matching system cannot find the alignments correctly. This study uses Chinese Word Segmentation and Database Set Operation as a base to construct a string matching system to solve the excessive superfluous words and order problems. Database Set Operation may be more efficient than the program with lots of words inside its memory. This study creates a prototype system, and the result of the prototype shows that the accuracy performance is performed well.


String Matching Database Set Operation Chinese Word Segmentation Matching System 


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