Photosynthetically Active Radiation, Ice Cover, and Sea Surface Temperature

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Relationships among photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), ice cover (ICE), sea surface temperature (SST), and mixed layer depth (MLD) were studied. Our research area is in Greenland Sea (20°W–10°E, 65°N–85°N), and time scale is during year 2003–2012. Generally, PAR exhibited as a normally distribution. PAR began to rise from March and reached to peak in June, then gradually declined. MLD was higher in spring and autumn and lower in summer. The regression analysis for PAR and ICE, PAR and SST were carried out. PAR had lag correlation with ICE, and ICE was lagged 2 months ahead of PAR. ICE had a significant effect on PAR. ICE and PAR also had a long-term equilibrium relationship. The peak of PAR was 1 month behind of melting ice (MI) in southern region (65°N–70°N) and 1 month ahead of MI in north of 70°N. SST lagged PAR 1 month behind, and PAR has a significant effect on SST. PAR had a decreasing trend from 2010 to 2012. There was strong correlation between PAR and SST.


Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) Ice cover (ICE) Melting ice (MI) Mixing layer depth (MLD) Sea surface temperature (SST) 


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