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Cloud and Network Facilities Federation in BonFIRE

  • Conference paper

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNTCS,volume 8374)


In recent years we have seen how Cloud Computing is changing the way of doing businesses and how services are delivered over the Internet. This disruption is a major challenge for Service Providers and Independent Software Vendors when creating new services and software applications for the Cloud. BonFIRE offers a federated, multi-site cloud testbed to support large-scale testing of applications, services and systems. This is achieved by federating geographically distributed, heterogeneous clouds testbeds where each exposes unique configuration and/or features while giving to the experimenters (users) an homogeneous way to interact with the facility. All those testbeds are controlled by a central set of services commonly denominated “Broker”. Additionally, BonFIRE is federated with different network facilities like the Virtual Wall, FEDERICA and AutoBAHN to provide high-level interfaces to network control functionality, in order to simulate diverse network QoS scenarios, enabling vertical federation.


  • Multi-cloud
  • Federation
  • Future Internet
  • Services
  • Testbed
  • Bandwidth on Demand
  • Network QoS


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