Stroke as a Complication of Cardiac Hydatidosis

  • Mehmet Turgut
  • Ahmet Tuncay Turgut
  • Vikram S. DograEmail author


In this chapter, we reviewed a total of 41 previously published cases with stroke as a complication of cardiac hydatidosis with/without multiple hydatid cysts of the brain. It is concluded that in cases with cerebral hydatidosis, a persistent investigation is required to detect new hydatid cyst formation in the heart as a source of embolism. Hydatid disease should be considered in the differential diagnosis of embolic stroke in young patients, especially in pediatric cases in endemic areas of the world in spite of the fact that hydatid disease is becoming rarer.


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Thanks to Dimitar Vuchev and Stefan Sivkov, who translated some texts from Bulgarian and Russian to English, and Bülent Bozdoğan for having translated some texts from French and Spanish to English. We especially would like to thank Fuad Sami Haddad for having reviewed the text in English.


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