Outcome and Follow-up of Patients with Spinal Hydatidosis

  • Lukas K. Postl
  • Chlodwig Kirchhoff


Detailed information about the two types of echinococcosis, the cystic echinococcosis and the alveolar echinococcosis, is provided separately in specific sections. The outcome of hydatid disease will significantly depend on the location of the lesions. According to our opinion, every patient suffering from hydatid disease needs a clearly structured aftercare and follow-up calendar including physical examination, imaging, as well as serologic tests. This follow-up should also be individualized and consider the surgical progress, i.e., in case surgical spreading of the echinococcosis is likely, the follow-up needs to be adapted. Surgical decompression and chemotherapy are the principal forms of treatment in pediatric and adolescent cases of spinal hydatidosis. Unfortunately even with extensive surgery, results are far from being curative.


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