Multiscale Modeling of the Effect of Very Large Strain on the Microstructure Evolution and Ductility of Microalloyed Steels

  • Krzysztof MuszkaEmail author
  • Janusz Majta
Part of the Advanced Structured Materials book series (STRUCTMAT, volume 35)


This study addresses some aspects regarding mechanical behavior of bcc structures characterized by high grain refinement level developed using large plastic deformation. The fundamental mechanisms governing the behavior of the microalloyed steels at wide range of deformation conditions at nano, micro, meso-meter scale and at the continuum are discussed. Grain refinement levels, where the change in the ability of grains to strain hardening is observed, are identified with respect to the resulting changes in the meso and macro levels effects of precipitation and solid solution strengthening mechanisms. Differences in the description of strengthening mechanisms and ductility represented by maximum uniform elongation of ultrafine-grained (UFG) and nanocrystalline materials are also defined. Existing flow stress models for UFG materials are presented and their physical bases are discussed with respect to their application in the computer modeling process of mechanical behavior of bcc structures strengthened by alloying elements.


Microalloyed steel Severe plastic deformation Ultrafine-grained structure Multiscale modeling 



The financial support of MNiSW (Grant no. N N508 3982 37) is gratefully acknowledged. Authors are grateful to Dr. Ł. Madej from AGH University of Science and Technology for generation FEM meshes of grained structures using DMR software.


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