Rare and Secondary Tumors of the Kidney and Renal Pseudotumors

  • Annelies RappaportEmail author
  • Raymond H. Oyen
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As renal cell carcinoma and transitional cell carcinoma are by far the most common renal parenchymal tumoral lesions, less attention is paid to rare or secondary tumors of the kidney. Most of these lesions, benign or malignant, do not indeed have specific radiological features, and differentiation from renal cell carcinoma or transitional cell carcinoma based on imaging characteristics is often difficult or impossible. In cases lacking characteristics of renal cell carcinoma, biopsy may be required for histological diagnosis and decision on further therapeutic management. However, some imaging characteristics may be contributive to narrow the differential diagnosis, thereby enabling decisions on the therapeutic approach.

In addition, the importance of identifying renal pseudotumors is underestimated. More pseudotumoral lesions are seen after nephron-sparing surgery and thermal ablation. Knowledge of and recognizing all possible pseudotumoral renal lesions can help reduce false-positive diagnosis and avoid unnecessary invasive treatment or retreatment.


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