Mobile Authoring in Educational Software

  • Efthimios AlepisEmail author
  • Maria Virvou
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Towards the incorporation of sophisticated mobile authoring tools in educational software applications, in this chapter, the authors describe an already developed educational platform. This platform extends and improves a mobile authoring tool, developed by the authors, which has been successfully evaluated in the past. This chapter’s subsections include an introduction to the topic, an overview of the resulting mobile platform and also an outline of the system’s architecture from an Object Oriented view. A sufficient number of snapshots from the operating authoring tool are also available through this chapter’s sections in order to illustrate the authoring process.


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  1. Virvou M, Alepis E (2005) Mobile educational features in authoring tools for personalised tutoring. Comput Educ 44(1):53–68Google Scholar

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