Carotid endarterectomy without preoperative angiography

  • Elias Bastounis
  • Chr. Maltezos
  • P. Balas
Conference paper


Three-hundred-and-twenty-eight endarterectomies of the carotid artery in 328 patients were carried out from January 1, 1987 to December 1994 in the 1st Surgical Dept, University of Athens Medical School. There were 243 males (82.93%) and 50 (17.07%) females. The mean age of the above patients was 67.5 years. One-hundred-and-forty-four endarterectomies were done without preoperative angiography; instead ultrasonography using Duplex or Triplex scanning was used, while in the remaining 184 endarterectomies an angiographic investigation of the carotids was performed. This study was undertaken to compare the postoperative results, the mortality and morbidity in the first 30 days postoperatively as well as their postoperative complications, which showed that the difference between the two groups was not statistically significant. The surgical findings as regards the stenosis rate and texture of the atheromatic plaque together with the corresponding preoperative data are also compared.

The results compiled up to the present date show that the ultrasonographic control of the carotids can establish exactly the indications for endarterectomy of the carotid artery and, many times, the angiographie study is not necessary for the assessment of the occlusive changes of the carotid bifurcations.


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  • Elias Bastounis
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  • Chr. Maltezos
    • 1
  • P. Balas
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  1. 1.First Surgical DepartmentUniversity of AthensGreece
  2. 2.“Laiko” General HospitalAthensGreece

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