Optimized Design of Urban Rail Vehicle Grounding System

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For most of the metro operation within the narrow underground space, personnel and equipments highly dense, a large number of electrical and electronic equipments and their strong and weak electrical lines cross layout, electrical engineering safety issues have drawn increasing attention, and the grounding is an important protective measure to ensure the normal working of electrical equipment and personal safety, so do a good job in metro weak current system, distribution system and grounding protection is an important measure to ensure the personal safety. Based on grounding system in practice, combined with Shenzhen Metro problems in actual operation, this paper expounds the metro electrical equipment grounding types, principles, grounding device settings, and so on, puts forward the improvement program of the grounding system, and make a reasonable verification.


Urban rail vehicle Grounding system Grounding protection Shenzhen metro 



This work was supported by the China National Science and Technology Support Project “The Key Technology and Engineering Application Demonstration of Rail Transit Train Energy-saving” under Grant 2013BAG24B01. We would like to thank the anonymous reviewers for their comments and suggestions.


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