Research and Development of Magnetic Bearing Flywheels for Attitude Control of Spacecraft

  • Atsushi Nakajima


Magnetic bearings for space and industrial applications have undergone considerable development in laboratories and industries. Since 1978, several types of magnetic bearings have been manufactured and tested in National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL), concentrating on the development of the magnetic bearings utilizing permanent magnets and their applications for space. Two degree-of-freedom (DOF) radially controlled magnetic bearings is a candidate of practical use as attitude control actuator of spacecraft. In order to evaluate the characteristics of this type magnetic bearings, on-orbit experiments under zero g condition were performed, i.e. magnetic bearing flywheel developed by NAL was launched by H-I rocket TF#1 into a 1500 km circular orbit on summer of 1986 and several experiments were carried out successfully. This paper summarizes the activities of NAL for research and development of magnetic bearings.


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  • Atsushi Nakajima
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  1. 1.Space Technology Research GroupNational Aerospace LaboratoryTokyoJapan

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